the little things

When someone is nice to you constantly, it is easy to take that person for granted. I know this totally depends on who you are, but really, when we receive kindness from someone who is inherently and constantly a good person, it is soooo easy to forget to be grateful to his/her acts of kindness. We are more aware of the less often act of kindness, received from people who don't do it so often.

I was reminded with this fact few days ago. Just for an example: my mom is a very nice person and one of the most patient person I know. I often asked her to watch my 4 year old when I had to go out or had to do some work. It may seem small or insignificant, but I find that her baby-sitting, or I should say toddler-sitting, is very helpful for me. I don't trust anyone else can watch my little girl as careful as my mom does.

My mom is always there, ready to help anytime I need her, in everything I may need. I also has a friend who is always there to listen when I need someone to talk to.
I feel grateful that I still have them in my life; around and always there for me.

They don't do big things, but I believe, it's the little things they do that really count. So I encourage anyone who's reading this, think about the little things that your family/friends do for you lately, and ask yourself, have you thanked them yet?