Something to be shared

Do you ever feel like giving up praying when what you're praying for has not come true? Well, do not give up yet. I just got a wonderful email that reminds me that God actually always answers our prayers, and He does it in these 3 ways:
1. When God says YES, it means we will receive what we asked for.
2. When God says NO, it means we will receive something even better that what we've asked for.
3. When God says WAIT, it means we will receive the Best according to His will on His time. God is never in hurry, God is never late, but God is always on time!

God bless you all :)


Message from movies

For those who doesn't know it yet, I am a freelance translator. And lately, I was lucky to get Christian movies that I had to translate. The first one was 'Second Chance', starring Michael W. Smith. Then I got a movie called 'Flywheel'. I was working on it when I suddenly remembered it was a movie that Ardy at The Solidrock (http://solidrock1611.blogspot.com) talked about in one of his posts. He was totally right, it was a wonderful movie with a powerful message. Do we dare to walk in faith? Do we dare to do whatever necessary to please God, even though it may mean going bankrupt and having no money? It was something to think about.

And the last movie, the one I'm still working on, is a movie called 'The Pistol'. This movie is about a great basketball player, Pete Maravich, when he was still in 8th grade. In the movie, it was told that it was Pete's dad who made him like he was. Pete never gave up and fought against the odds. And he finally made it. His dad supported and encouraged him all the time, gave him words of wisdom, and told him that with patience and perseverance, dreams can come true. And his dreams did come true.

This movie makes me want to be that kind of parent. You know, not limiting a child's dream. Being supportive all the ways even when the roads are not smooth. To be able to give my child the confident she needs to do whatever she wants. And I pray that God will help me raise a good person.

God teaches us using so many things. Even simple movies can be good reminders.