Motherhood Wake Up Call

I'm always thankful with my mother. I know she must be an angel sent from heaven to take care of our family. I've never seen such patience and wisdom in anyone I know. Even when I know she's mad, we've never heard one harsh word coming out of her mouth. And I always wonder, where the heck she got the strength to do it all? To be a wife, a mother, a daughter-in-law (for a very hard-to-please mother-in-law, if I may say), a grandmother (for a very needy granddaughter), and to do it all at the same time. And lately, I just realize it and realize it even more how great she is. She's supportive even though she doesn't agree 100% with my decision. She keeps caring even though when she has problems of her own. she just keeps giving and giving, not only to me, but to the whole family ... So, I'm dedicating this post for the most wonderful person on earth (by my book, of course), stating my love for her, and my deepest gratitude.
My only hope is that I can grow as a person and be more like her, be a better child for her, be a better mom for my daughter, be a better wife for my husband, be a better listener for my friends. And I encourage anyone who read this to think about your mom/dad, and just be thankful.


  1. hiks.. I am so thankful i got mom like her hiks... :( saia terharu.

  2. your mother sounds like a GREAT person!

  3. Nita: Thanks. She really is :)

  4. Your mother sounds like a very special lady.

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