Something to be shared

Do you ever feel like giving up praying when what you're praying for has not come true? Well, do not give up yet. I just got a wonderful email that reminds me that God actually always answers our prayers, and He does it in these 3 ways:
1. When God says YES, it means we will receive what we asked for.
2. When God says NO, it means we will receive something even better that what we've asked for.
3. When God says WAIT, it means we will receive the Best according to His will on His time. God is never in hurry, God is never late, but God is always on time!

God bless you all :)

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  1. Prayer is communication with God. When I was a much younger Christian, I didn't like to pray for it seems one-way. But now I know, prayer allows that connection with Him, and He really takes over all our cares and anxieties. You've put it aptly about how He answers us, it's true. Thanks for sharing. :)