Look hard

Sometimes the best things in life are not so visible.
Sometimes you have to look harder to find them.
Sometimes it's the small thing that counts, and not the big thing as you expect.
Sometimes it may even seem that you don't have anything good going on in your life.
But when you really look and look harder to find those good things, you will find them.

It's not how many friends you have that matters,
but how many real friend you really have.
Even one real friend would be a blessing these days.

It's not whether you have a beautiful big house that matters,
but whether you have a home to come home to.
One home sweet home is really a blessing nowadays.

It's not whether you got a family made of a mom, dad, brother, and sister living all together,
but whether you have their love even when you are not all together.
Love from a distance would count as a blessing too.

So really... look hard, and count your blessings.