Sad blog?

I recently asked my sister in law to visit my blogspot and click on my amazon link if she ever needs to buy anything from amazon. She took the time to read over my posts and she thought they were sad. I was not surprised by her response but it wasn't exactly what I was aiming at actually. I realized I might have sad stories to tell but what I wanted to share was the way I dealt with those sad situations.

My first goal when I started this blog was just for fun, to have an outlet for all the emotions that's building up on me. There were times when I thought I was going to explode. I felt angry almost all the time and I thought that wasn't healthy. And I hated what this did for my daughter. It was so hard for me to have fun with her because even though I was smiling and played with her, there was always a bothering thought at the back of my mind: how am I going to provide for her if business doesn't turn up well? But then I found out about blogspot and how people used it for all kind of purposes. My sister actually uses it for some kind of her diary so hers is private and no one can read any of her posts. So I tried this blogspot stuff ... and it worked out for me.

My sister in law comment was actually helping. I really don't want to tell just the sad stories of my life. I'm still waiting for the good happy story to tell too. And I'd like to tell my dear readers out there ... I really appreciated all your comments and advices all this time. Your comments are always welcomed. And I really hope I will post something more 'happy' soon.


  1. Hi Jan, thanks for visiting my Sasha. I don't think that your blogs are sad. I find blogs a good way to vent. There are all kinds of problems in the world and blogging for me is a good way to bring people going through rough or happy times together to share and lift each other up. Mostly for me its nice to know I am not alone. Please keep sharing. Anne

  2. Thanks Anne. I feel the same way actually. Knowing that I am not alone helps a lot too.

  3. I've never found your blog sad and I'm puzzled why she said so. There's a sincerity about the things you write and others can identify with you, so keep blogging.

  4. I agree with the above comments. This is real life and I am glad that you have found an outlet in doing this.

  5. I'm not sure your blog is sad actually. I mean, you're going through a really really tough time in your life but I think you're being a lot more positive about it than most people are. So I'm not really sure where your sister-in-law's comment has come from :-)

    I really hope things start to look up for you soon, but I think with the recession on most people have taken at least a bit of a battering. Hang in there.

  6. Nice knowing you're blogging to Chen! :-)
    Thanks for coming by at my blog.
    I know it's tough time for you now (don't know the details), so it is with us. Uncertainty....and how we hate that. Hanging there! Have a faith! Hopefully both of our families will surpass this struggle soon.