I Buy For You

I went to the mall a few days ago. Oh yes, this is news for me because I hardly ever go out anymore lately. Anyway, I went there with my sister and my daughter. While we were there, we went into one of the stores that sells shoes and other ladies' stuffs. The minute we looked around, my daughter started to taking shoes and sandals from the shelves, putting them down, and telling me to try them on. And she always gave me the colorful ones, like red and blue. Oh dear, I said to her, I'm looking for white sandals. And as expected, she started to look around again. What I didn't expect was her comment. After finding a white sandal, she put it in front of me, looked at me in a very serious way, and she said (and this is her word by word): 'Mama, try it on. If you like it, I buy for you'. Right there in that moment, I felt so happy. I mean, I know she's just doing what I usually do to her. But for her to reciprocate it to me ... it's just so wonderful. Knowing that she wants to buy things for me is just great. Plus she said it in English. It's far from perfect, but I think it's great, because we usually speak in Indonesian. We speak in English too, but Indonesian is the dominant language in our home. Anyway, it's just a nice experience that brighten up my mood that day.


  1. That is a beautiful story and definately one for the baby book.


  2. aw. What a wonderful soul you are raising

  3. mbak jan orang indonesia juga yah? hihi aku kira orang bule :p. salam kenal ya


  4. That's so sweet of her saying that. You raise her well and you should be proud of it!

  5. Your daughter is truly a reflection of her mother - loving! This is what life is all about and you, my friend should be so proud!
    What a heartwarming story!