Difficult to Comfort a Friend

Do you ever been in a situation where you want to say so much but you can't find the right words? Yesterday, one of my best friends told me that her mom is dying of cancer. The doctors have given up on her. They've tried many alternatives medicines but none worked. We've been friends since we're in primary school, so I know her mom pretty well too.

My heart breaks when I heard the news. At that moment, I wanted to offer my friend words of comfort and encouragement, but my mind seemed to be blank. I really really didn't know what to say to her that can make her feel better. Maybe because deep down, I feel that whatever I say will not make her feel better. Because deep down, I was putting myself in her shoes. And I know that if I were really in her place, no one can make me feel better. I mean, think about it, to actually know that your mom is going to die ... it's just unbearable. And me? As her best friend, I thought I could at least say something meaningful, but I couldn't. I kept thinking, what am I going to tell her? That her mom is going to be okay? That everything will go away? Unless a miracle happens soon, I think it would be a stupid statement. I feel so helpless right now.

I haven't visited her mom until now. Not that I didn't want to. I wanted to visit her mom, but my friend said her mom would cry when people visited her. I really hate to upset her (the mom). And I also wonder ... what am I going to say to her if I really do go? I mean, what do we say to someone who knows she's going to leave the world so soon? This is more than uncomfortable situation. This is sad.

And it's sad for me too because her mom is just like my auntie. We've known each other for years already. Gosh, if I'm tearing up just thinking about this, how does my friend feel? She must be going through hell right now. So ... here's my prayer for her: May the Lord bless her and her mom with strength and courage to go through this situation. Whatever the outcome may be, just please be with her always. Send Your angels to keep her company so she'll never feel alone.


  1. That is such a sad and difficult situation. I don't think anyone has the right words. Prayer and comfort are all I can think of. I will say a prayer for her. Have you heard of a group called Spirit Jumpers? It is a sort of blog started by 2 woman that have cancer to offer comfort to others in need. I wish you and your friend and Mom peace and love.



  2. I will send all of my good thoughts to your friend's mum.

  3. My heart goes out to you, my friend!
    Sometimes words don't come easy especially when someone you love is suffering. Just being there for her may be all that she needs right now. Your dear friend and her mother know you care. This is heartbreaking news for all concerned but please never give up hope. I will keep you, your friend, her mother and family in my thoughts and prayers. I will storm the heavens with prayers. Take good care of yourself too. We all need someone sometime and I'm here for you!
    Bless you for being such a loving soul.
    Hugsssss coming your way.

  4. Hi Anne, Jase, and Susan

    Thank you all so much for caring too. I will post again about this if there's any changes in her health condition. Let's pray for the best.