Pointless Actions

Okay, this will be my first posting that's not related with my family. I'm sure you've heard about the bombing incidents that happened recently in Jakarta. I was soooo upset when I heard the news the morning it happened. And the more I watched the news, the more upset I got. I feel sad for the innocent victims and feel really angry to the people responsible for it. Some says the people who did this were the people who were not satisfied with the president election. Some says they were the same terrorrist who did the bombing few years ago. Well, whoever they are, I think they are stupid. Their actions are pointless and brought nothing but grief and sadness, not to mention material lost and this country's instability.
I can't simply understand why they did this. What is the point, really? Until today, a week after it happened, I still feel mad everytime I remember this incident. I mean, I understand when people demonstrated for something to gain, like maybe for a raise or a better working hours, but to kill innocent people? What is it that they try to gain? A president re-election? I don't think the government would do that. Or maybe a place in Heaven (if this really is related to religion)? I don't think God will approve of such cruel actions. And how can the people who did this sleep at night, knowing they got blood on their hands? I just wish these people would realize that what they're doing is simply wrong and unjustified. And please ... just don't do it ever again.


  1. I concur with you 100%, my friend! This was a senseless act of violence and, as always, the innocent suffered. My heart breaks when I hear news like this. Violence is NEVER the answer. Understanding, tolerance, acceptance, and love for one another is.

  2. I totally agree with everything you said, is is so pointless to use violence against innocent people. All they manage to do is turn the population against their cause.
    Unfortunately such people never learn and will not change. It is the rest of us who must suffer for their ignorance.

    Sorry to take so long to get over, I didn't see your post come up on my dashboard.