Oh my little narcissist

Remember about my little girl's school concert? Well, I got the DVD and all the pictures from her event few days ago. And like every selfish mom does, I only looked for my girl's pictures :)
Some of the parents at school were complaining because they didn't get great pictures of their kids. Most of the pictures were blurry and it was taken from a distance, so no close up photo for any of us.
Anyway, we were all really excited to watch the DVD. And I wonder if this is what every family do. We fast forwarded to the part where my little girl was dancing, watched it, and then that's it. We didn't even watched the other part, beginning nor the end. Just the dancing part. Yeah, that's it. My daughter even asked me to rewind to the her dancing part again, so she can dance again at home. I thought it was so cute of her. I wanted to show her the other classes' performances, but she would go 'No, I don't want to see. I just want to see me.'
Hmm ... do I see a little narcissism going on here? :)


  1. She is a doll and the outfit she is wearing in the photo is so cute.
    I hope all is well with you and your family.

  2. What an adorable photo! Your daughter is so cute -- a shining star!
    Standing ovation and clapping loudly!
    Bravo on a memorable performance.
    You must be so proud! I know I would be!
    Thanks for sharing this precious moment!
    Love and hugsss
    Susan xo

  3. Dear Judy & Susan,
    Thank you so much. And yes, I am so proud of her :)