God speaks

I just got a new follower, and as usual, I went over to this person's blogspot to check it out. Well, I got more that I can expect. I read his latest post titled 'Peaceful Anxiety' and I can't be more agree with him. I feel like he's talking about me because it's exactly how I feel. For those who's interested, go check it out at http://solidrock1611.blogspot.com/

This reminds me again how God works and speaks to us in unexpected ways. It reminds me to trust in God, despite all the doubts that I may have. And just believe that God loves us no matter what, and that He will carry us through our burdens. I'm thankful that in this troublesome moments, God still speaks to me, even through a total stranger.


  1. That is a beautiful thought and thank you for sharing it.


  2. Amen! Thank you Jan for inspiring me to write more about how God has blessed me. God bless you.

  3. "God still speaks to me, even through a total stranger." Amen!

    Thank you for sharing. I just read SolidRock's 'Peaceful Anxiety' blog. It was powerful and inspirational. We are indeed blessed, my friend!

    Hugssss, Susan