My little girl is turning 4 today! Yaayy!!

Although we're not having a big party, we're still going to celebrate her birthday this afternoon with her grandmothers and her cousins. Like any other kid, she just can't wait for her party. She even asked about it since few days ago. And today, when the day is actually here, she's just even more ecstatic and being more impatient (she's even asking about it now as I'm writing this post). And this morning she just said the cutest thing that really made my day.

She asked: 'Mom, can we have the party now?'
Me: 'No, we're going to have the party this afternoon.'
She said: 'Okay.'

Then not five minutes later ... she asked again: 'Mom, is it afternoon yet?'

Man, talked about impatient. I can't help myself but laugh and just take her to go to school right away, before she insisted to have the party right at that moment.

When adults being impatient, we're usually turn annoying to everybody else. But when a kid being impatient, he/she seems to be able to make everyone else smile :)


  1. amen! that was so cute! God bless you and your daughter and happy birthday to her! send my hugs to her.

  2. Anticipation is half of fun of things like birthday parties. That is cute, I would have been tempted to say, OK it's afternoon, let's party!