Natural Vs. Spiritual Blood

I went to one of those Bible studies this morning and got a very good message from it. The theme was 'The One From The Other Side', and it was about how we're supposed to react or behave in this world as God's children.

I came late as I had to drop off my daughter to school first. When I got there, the speaker was talking about how normal people react to a situation. Say, if your spouse hurt your feelings, the common way of reacting is to find a way to hurt your spouse back (the more the better). That's what our natural blood will tell us to do. But our Spiritual Blood should guide us to react in a better way: to pray for our spouse, to forgive, and to make peace.

Even though I was really late, and probably only heard a quarter of the whole message, I believe I got the really important points. We need to face reality using a different point of view: God's point of view, which basically is love.

So, next time my daughter makes me angry and makes me really really want to yell at her or even spank her, I will try better to hold myself and keep saying positive words to her. Or next time when I feel disappointed with our economic condition, instead of crying or feeling down, I will keep crossing my fingers for my husband who I know is striving to get us out from this situation. That's what my Spiritual Blood should guide me to do. I know it's going to be hard, but I think trying is the least that I can do right now.

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  1. Thanks for dropping by Jan. Saw your little girl's photo, she's a pretty little girl isn't she? Like mommy?

    Yes, it's difficult to control ourselves sometimes when we feel like acting in our flesh. Then again, it'll feel so much better when we learn to restrain ourselves than to cause damages in words and actions. The remorse is harder to deal with. This is the work of the Holy Spirit, God is at work within us to BOTH will and work for His good pleasure. God bless you sis. :)