I've been tagged!!

I’ve been tagged by Jane. Sorry for the late response though, kind of busy lately. It’s so wonderful knowing that you like me enough to tag me, Jane. I’m being a good sport so I’m going to keep this ball rolling.

Okay, first thing first. The Rules:
First, you need to mention the person who tagged you.
Second, you need to tell 7 facts about yourself.
And thirdly, you need to tag another 7 bloggers, let us know what you tag them, and let those bloggers know that they’ve been tagged.

So … have I followed the rules? Let’s see …

Number 1: mentioning the person who tagged me. Checked! It was Jane at
Days Of Our Lives .

Number 2: 7 facts about me, eh? Here it goes …

1) I only have one best friend who I can share everything with. Some people may think that’s weird, but she’s the only person who I can confide in without worrying whether she’s going to tell or back-stab me later hahaha … I think I’m lucky that I can be friends with her for more than 15 years now . I have other good friends but my really really best friend is only one.

2)I much prefer western food than asian/chinese. My family thinks this is odd because I'm chinese and have been living in Asia forever, but that's the truth. I can't resist a burger/pizza hahaha ...

3) I just started learning how to drive at the age of 31 ;p

4) I need a cup of coffee in the morning and one in the afternoon to keep me going.

5) I always name my pet either Marco or Polo or Marcopolo. Weird weird ...

6) My idea of exercise is cleaning up the house and taking care of my daughter.

7) I have a fear of drowning and that's why I've never been on a cruise.

Number 3: Who should I tag, eh? Thinking thinking … alright, made my decision. The 7 person I’m tagging are:

1) bxn at In My Sad Little Opinion – because he got opinions on a variety of topics, and his opinion is neither sad nor little.

2) zeththebest at ~i picture what i see~ - because he posted so many different pictures and not afraid to after what he wants.

3) The Laughing Idiot at Life Makes Me Laugh . . . – because she made me laughs to hard that I forgot my problems for a while. You guys should really check her out.

4) SquirrelQueen at The Road to Here – because I really like her posts. She got many uplifting words that keep your spirit up. Btw, SQ, I know you’ve been tagged before. Sorry about this, but I know you’re having fun and I kind of want to know the 7 facts about you ;)

5) Small Footprints at Reduce Footprints - simply because it's a very meaningful and caring blogspot.

6) Sharon J at Finding Simplicity - because she's a wonderful bargain hunter, and all for the good stuff :)

7) The Drifter at My Sanctuary - because it's just interesting.

Yeahh I'm done. And now I'm off to letting these people know that they've been tagged.


  1. Hi Jan,
    Congrats on the tag, I like your list. We have number 4 in common, I can not survive without coffee.
    I will get my answers post in the new few days.
    Have a great day,

  2. Thank you so very much for tagging my blog! It's good to know that you and others out there are interested in what I have to say! I really appreciate it.

  3. SQ: Yeahh ... coffee rules! Hehehe ... Can't wait to see your answers post :)

    -bxn: No problem. I really do like your blog. Keep up the good work. And I'll be waiting for your 'tagged' post too.

  4. Completely agree with number 7 :-) And I was ready to cheer when I read number 6! Those blogs you tagged look like very interesting ones, I shall go and check them out (although I know about numbers 4 and 5 and I agree they are very good blogs) :-)

  5. dududud i tagged you done! mwahahaha

  6. 4) I need a cup of coffee in the morning and one in the afternoon to keep me going. << mom will start yelling at me if i keep this habit hahahaha... pssttt, sometimes i did that here :)

  7. Hi! Thank you, so much, for including me in your list of tagged bloggers ... and congrats on not only being tagged yourself but ... I see that you've won another award.

    I'd also like to thank you for following Reduce Footprints. I've been away for awhile so only read your kind comments today. I'm going to follow your blog, as well!

    Take Care!

    Small Footprints