Strength Within

Finding the strength within us is not as simple as it sounds. And it's definitely is not as easy. Sometimes we got to do what we got to do simply because we have to. Although it may be scary or hard, sometimes there are just things that need to be done, there are just situations that we must go through. I guess when we finally did it or when we finally went through whatever hard situation we were placed at, that's the moment where we could finally say: "yes, I have that strength within me".

For me, we never know how strong we are until we are faced with difficulties in our lives, until we are really challenged to face those difficulties. Situations may force us to be strong, for ourselves and sometimes for others. So I'm grateful, that until today, I still have that strength within me to fight and to survive. That along the way, there were people who gave me words of encouragement when I was down. Even a stranger's blogspot post can be meaningful and cheer me up at times :)


  1. Good post Jan, well said. We can talk about our inner strength but we really don't know how strong we are until we are truly challenged.

  2. Truer words have never been spoken. Just don't ever give up on anything!We all have the strength as human beings to triumph over any obstacles in our path.Just look at what we have accomplished as a human race from the hunter gatherer age to now.I never did understand why people just,give up!ha hah ha well, maybe then I am just a very optamistic individual :).P.S.Did some clickin on my way out. Also thanks for the love on my page!
    -Catch ya later

  3. Thanks for the comment on my page! I had no idea you'd posted something so similar to my most recent blog post only a few days before... clearly "great minds think alike"! :-D